Haiti and what to do about it

My mind and heart have been almost constantly stuck on Haiti all week.  This is partly due to the grievous images of the destruction and broken people that I see everywhere, and partly due to the massive burden for those people that God has placed on me.  I am not sure exactly what actions I am being called to take except to pray, pray, PRAY!  I recently prayed for direction and a better understanding of intercession, and I think God is saying, “Here you go – learn by doing.” 

Other than praying, Matt and I are taking action to help the people of Haiti in the only way we know how – by giving money.  We prayed about it and decided to donate our entire tithe for this pay period to help with Haiti relief.  I found a great organization to do it through – Samaritan’s Purse.  I have been following this org’s actions in response to the earthquake in Haiti and know they are a group we want to partner with.  The name Samaritan’s Purse is based on the Bible story from Luke 10:30-37 of the Samaritan who helped the hurt man that others had passed by.  Jesus said to “Go and do likewise,” and that is what this organization is doing.  Donating that money felt so inadequate as I entered the numbers while sitting on my comfy couch in my comfy house feeling all comfortable.  But I know that it is going to be used to help the hurting people of Haiti, and that is good.

I also signed up on some website to be a volunteer nurse for the relief efforts in Haiti.  I honestly don’t think right now is the time for me to go, but I am trying to keep my mind and heart open to the possibility of going there to help sometime later this year.  Everything is just so messed up there right now and not safe, so I know Matt and my family would not be comfortable with me going.  I think medical care is going to be a long-term need, though, so maybe in the future, if the Lord wills.

These images are hard to look at, but looking at them is helping to keep me rooted in the reality that this is real and this is happening NOW.  I pray that God opens your heart toward the hurting people of Haiti and gives you sound direction on what YOU can do about it.

About Jayce

I am a lover of Jesus, a newlywed, part of a crazy sisterhood of 4, aunt to 10 fabulous kids, a Registered Nurse, a work in progress, and an amateur cook/baker! I was born and raised in Florida, and I am loving it still. My husband, Matt, and I bought our first house last year and are enjoying making it into a home. I work nights in the ICU for now, and we are making the most of this life. :)
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2 Responses to Haiti and what to do about it

  1. Erin says:

    Thanks for this important post. I believe that the Lord is helping people in Haiti, both the Haitians and all of the aid workers. It’s going to be a long recovery process…

  2. rrumary1 says:

    Being a volunteer nurse would be so AWESOME!! I know it isn’t super convenient to go now, but if the Lord directs you to that down the road, It would be amazing.. I’m proud of you for even signing up to do that!

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