One week to go…

The Gasparilla 5K is next Saturday, and Rebekah and I are feeling ready!  Our plans are set, and I am getting so excited!  I have been increasing my mileage and even working on speed a little bit.  The speedwork is more for my own development than for this race, though.  I really still do not have a time goal for this race.  I have never run the Gasparilla 5K, but I did the half-marathon 3 years ago and would bet that the 5K is a super crowded race.  Crowded races are best run for fun (not time) in my opinion.  Plus, I know Rebekah and I will be chatting it up on our first run together in over a year.  😉

One thing that has amped up my runs lately has been my newest running playlist!  I like to hit shuffle and see where it goes.  Some of my faves are “Mercy” by Duffy, “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, “Say Hey (I Love You)” by Michael Franti, “Spotlight” by MuteMath, and “Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne.  Some variety but all great beats.

I have been trying to do weight-training 2-3 times a week for the past six weeks or so, and I am starting to see some results.  Honestly, the main reason for the weight-training is that I am just sick of being such a weak person!  My legs are alright and great with endurance challenges like running, but my upper-body has always just been SO weak.  Like, weak as in people make comments.  At work, I almost dread asking people to help me move/turn my patients because I know that the poor helper is going to be doing the bulk of the work.  I try extra hard to pull my share of the weight, and I am afraid I will end up with a back injury if I don’t start improving my strength.  Thus, the weights.  It is going well so far, and I am seeing results in my arms but still not feeling a big difference when I use them.  My core feels stronger, but not my back.  I am going to increase the time I spend on back.  I guess it will just take time.  I know I also need to mentally get over my complex that I am weak and actually give myself a chance to feel strong.

About Jayce

I am a lover of Jesus, a newlywed, part of a crazy sisterhood of 4, aunt to 10 fabulous kids, a Registered Nurse, a work in progress, and an amateur cook/baker! I was born and raised in Florida, and I am loving it still. My husband, Matt, and I bought our first house last year and are enjoying making it into a home. I work nights in the ICU for now, and we are making the most of this life. :)
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One Response to One week to go…

  1. Jessica says:

    Man! Your workout sounds amazing! Im going to go check out those last few songs now. 🙂

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