Trying new things

My alone time is very precious to me and important for my sanity.  I realize that in the coming years my “me” time will become much less frequent as we start a family.  Lately I have been trying to make the most of my days off by trying out some new things, mostly stuff I have secretly always wanted to do but never made time for.  It has made my alone time extra enjoyable.

A couple weeks ago I planted some herbs.  I have always wanted to grow my own herbs, but I guess I’ve just always been too lazy.  It’s really not that hard and takes very little maintenance, so I just did it.  I bought my planting supplies at Wally-world.

April 2010 004

I stuck to three herbs: cilantro, basil, and oregano.  I love the flavors and actually use all three of these in my cooking regularly, so it will be a nice change to have the real stuff and not use the dried herbs or pay a ton of money for the store-bought fresh stuff.

April 2010 005

I read some stuff online and decided to just plant all three types of seeds in one plant pot.  It literally took me 5 minutes.

April 2010 006

I’ve been keeping the herbs watered, and the seeds are starting to sprout now.  I’ll keep you updated as they grow and get ready for use!

April 2010 015

My other recent project was… to make homemade strawberry jam!!  I have always always always wanted to learn how to preserve food and make homemade jams.  I wish I had been able to learn from one of my grandmas, but sadly I missed that chance.  So, I decided to figure it out myself.  It is actually pretty easy once you have the right supplies and thorough instructions.

I found a very thorough two-part blog post on making strawberry jam on The Pioneer Woman’s site.  Then, I went to the store (Wally-world again) and bought the supplies.  It was a little bit of an investment, probably about $50 total including the ingredients.  Strawberries are really cheap now, so I got a 1/2 flat for $5, which was awesome.  The canning pot and other supplies can be used over and over, though, so I plan to get my money’s worth by trying out different recipes.  I also spent an extra $5 for the Ball book of preserving recipes.  I would definitely recommend this book.  I ended up using the book’s step-by-step directions and a recipe from the book.

April 2010 008

April 2010 012

Mmmm mashed up berries…

April 2010 017

Heating up the jars…

April 2010 018

Cooking the jam…

April 2010 019

Adding seven (yes, SEVEN) cups of sugar…

April 2010 021

Into the jars…

April 2010 024


April 2010 026

And, finally, nine beautiful jars of jam!!

April 2010 030

Of course, I had to make them cute.  🙂

 April 2010 026

It is so good!!  At first I thought maybe I just liked it because I made it, but Matt really loves it, too.  I have been eating it on sandwiches and toast and even in my oatmeal.

April 2010 017  

(Here it is on some store-bought naan, which is really not impressive.  I am picky about naan because I’ve had the gooood stuff in India before.  I think I am going to try to make my own naan soon.)

If you’ve never tried canning before, I would suggest you give it a whirl.  It is very relaxing.  🙂

About Jayce

I am a lover of Jesus, a newlywed, part of a crazy sisterhood of 4, aunt to 10 fabulous kids, a Registered Nurse, a work in progress, and an amateur cook/baker! I was born and raised in Florida, and I am loving it still. My husband, Matt, and I bought our first house last year and are enjoying making it into a home. I work nights in the ICU for now, and we are making the most of this life. :)
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3 Responses to Trying new things

  1. Jessica says:

    That jam looks SO good! I bet it would taste awesome in cookies too! You made them so pretty. 🙂 Oh, and I bought basel already sprouting at the grocery store last weekend. All I did was buy it and it died almost immediately… plants hate me. 😦

  2. Tiffany says:

    I tried canning once and it was anything but relaxing!! So glad you are enjoying it though. I remember my days before kids and I did so much fun domestic stuff. I remember sitting in the teacher’s lounge talking about making homemade Pace picante sauce and a much older teacher asked me why in the world I’d make my own when I could just go to Publix and buy it. My answer was that making my own was fun! Now–I’d just go buy it! :0)

  3. Carli says:

    I totally bought a trough-style pot this weekend for my herb garden that I have been wanting for a long time. I don’t have a yard but I’m going to try my back portch.
    We will have to can sometime when we are together, I feel like that would be a really fun party.

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